How in the World Did I Get This Fat?

My heaviest was 273 pounds and that was two months ago. I didn't wake up one morning this big no this came on very slow and sneaky pound by pound. Gaining weight is like what Satan does to us to sin more each day. He doesn't it slowly saying, "It's bite of that is not going to kill ya." To you binge eating late at night because well because you are bored out of your mind. So how did this happen to me...well it happened slowly.

I was eleven years old when I was diagnosed with a life time disease. A disease that I only thought the elderly get which comes to find out the evil joke was on me. I wad diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on my eleventh birthday. I was told that it was unlucky that I would be walking before I graduate high school let alone college. That my arthritis was as worse as an eighty year old women. Then...they started the medicine. My first medicine was methotrexate and it was once a month pill. For an eleven year old I thought this was the best medicine. That was until it started to mess with my head. I was one second red hot angry to next second over joyed. It made me crazy with emotion which  is not good for a girl who entering womanhood. So, I was taken off of it and given something else that I had to take every day. But, some weeks even those were not cutting the pain I was feeling. So, then I was placed on a steroid. If you know steriods you know that it can make you eat and gain water weight. So, I started to gain weight which made kids start to make fun of me...and it made me eat more.

When I entered college I was sitting right across the border of 200's. Everyone under the sun at this point was telling me that be careful of the freshmen 15. I thought I was being careful, but I wasn't at all. I didn't realize how depressed I was during my freshmen year of college. I had just broken up with the PERFECT guy. I was in love with him and thought he was in love with me. Then...I was told that he was serious with another girl during that year. It hurt a lot. So I ate to make me feel better. I ate when I stayed in my dorm and everyone went out on the weekends to party. I ate in the middle of the night with only my desk lamp on.

Well, then guess what...the perfect guy came back and we got married. Then any time I decided to start losing weight and succeeding I find out that I am expecting another child. After three kids, and an awesome husband. I was sitting at 270lbs. I said how did I get like this. Little by little the pounds came on sneaky there way in. So...I said enough...this has got to stop. So I changed my mind.


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