First Day of School

Yep, it has started. My oldest started kindergarten yesterday. It's a bitter-sweet moment for me, and amazing for her. I always wanted to homeschool it was my plan from the get go. It's one reason why I wanted to get a teaching degree. Even more so once I saw the inside workings of the school and what teachers, staff, and students go through to please the government. But plans changed for us when Miles started to have his behaviors and speech difficulties. He had to be put in the public preschool for his therapies. So, here Ginny was last year seeing her brother bring home all the fun stuff at school not seeing any of the work. Her homeschool preschool became extremely harder because here I was requiring her to work on reading, sight words, and math. So...she begged to go to school because it's all fun and games. No working at school just fun. So, it was a hard discussion to have with my husband. We felt it was best for her at this time to go to kindergarten to see what school is like. We would evaluate later to see if perhaps she can be homeschooled. So here we were at first day. Leading up to the day, she started to be very whining. She started to pick on her brothers and for the most part I knew it was because she was scared of school. 

So yesterday finally came. She got reading in her outfit and a friend watched the boys so I could take her by ourselves to the school. She didn't want me to hold her hand because she was embarrassed by me. She was ready and we entered the school and she quickly started to play with kids while she waited. As she played I realized she is ready for school but, was I ready for her to leave for school. No, I wasn't. It made me sad that I wasn't the one teaching her this year but knew it was for the best. Because she is going to always wonder what school is like. 

She came home yesterday and told me all the fun stuff she is doing in Kamp Kindergarten. It's where they are testing the kids learning abilities, what they already know, and who they work best with before making the classes. She was able to have snack and chocolate yesterday at school (jealous mommy), but all in all she loved it. 



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