Book Review: The Day the Dinosaurs Came with Everything

My son Miles is huge right now in the "How do Dinosaurs" series. So we had to check this book out from the library when we saw it, When Dinosaurs came with Everything by Elise Broach.

In When Dinosaurs came with Everything, is about a little boy who is dreading the boredom of running errands with his mom like he does every week. But then something amazing happens. Everywhere they went they were able to to get a dinosaur as a prize. Such as going to the doctor if you get a shot, you get two dinosaurs. These are not even toy dinosaurs but real life huge dinosaurs.

This is such a cute fun story and my kids loved it. When I read it to my five year old daughter she was laughing her head off especially at the kids mom. She also wondered how in the world were they going to keep all the dinosaurs at the kids house. My three year old sat there and was trying to skip ahead to find all the dinosaurs. He loves dinosaurs and he even said he wanted one for himself. My one year old actually sat through the whole story. I really liked the pictures and how they use the actual names of the dinosaurs instead of random names. The pictures were very clear and showed the reactions of the mom and the child. I loved how the mom's didn't even want to look at each other as they were walking because of these massive dinosaurs. The kids were loving errand runs and the mom's just want to get home. Which as a mom we know it's the total opposite of what it's really like. It's so funny when the kid begs the doctor for a shot because he gets two dinosaurs. I really enjoyed reading this story and it's something that I recommend for all dinosaur loving kids. Or even kids who hate errands.


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