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Book Review: The Day the Dinosaurs Came with Everything

My son Miles is huge right now in the "How do Dinosaurs" series. So we had to check this book out from the library when we saw it, When Dinosaurs came with Everything by Elise Broach.

In When Dinosaurs came with Everything, is about a little boy who is dreading the boredom of running errands with his mom like he does every week. But then something amazing happens. Everywhere they went they were able to to get a dinosaur as a prize. Such as going to the doctor if you get a shot, you get two dinosaurs. These are not even toy dinosaurs but real life huge dinosaurs.

This is such a cute fun story and my kids loved it. When I read it to my five year old daughter she was laughing her head off especially at the kids mom. She also wondered how in the world were they going to keep all the dinosaurs at the kids house. My three year old sat there and was trying to skip ahead to find all the dinosaurs. He loves dinosaurs and he even said he wanted one for himself. My one year old actual…

Miles First Day of Preschool


Petting Zoo

So all summer we have had high heat with lots of humidity. It seemed like most days you could swim outside. So, when the weather went from that to 70's we had to spend the day outside as a family. Saturdays' in our house are always spend time as a family (I am sure it will change as kids get older). So we decided to go to our local petting zoo instead of our normal zoo trips.

The kids love being there and when we got there. We first saw the chickens...I decided to break my daughter's heart by telling her that eggs come from chickens. We also eat chickens in things such as chicken nuggets.

We then went into a one room school house and talked about the history of it with the kids. The kids had fun exploring. Ginny was amazed that she would have been in the very front row with the little kids while big kids were in the class as well. 
We then were able to mine for "gold" with the kiddos. My kids found really neat rocks that I am hoping to use to make stepping stones…

My Diet Plan

So, in my previous post, "How Did I Get This Fat?" I talked about that fat is like Satan it creeps into your lives. There are tons of diet plans out there in the world. Most of them cost money to actually get the "Most wonderfully awesome diet plan" there is. But...most of those diet plans have an issue that they don't want you know. Most of them will work great as long as you follow strictly the whole time. But, once you stopped at any point you will start gaining the weight back on. So, I don't like calling mine a diet plan per say. I want it to be something that I can live with for the rest of my life. Because guess what....I don't want the weight back.

I don't call mine a diet plan because it's not a diet plan that you can jump on and off any time. No, I call this a lifestyle change. It's an easy change that is easy to beginning. So make sure you are reading to write stuff down.

Step 1: Get a fitness tracker (Seriously...I love my fitbit…

How in the World Did I Get This Fat?

My heaviest was 273 pounds and that was two months ago. I didn't wake up one morning this big no this came on very slow and sneaky pound by pound. Gaining weight is like what Satan does to us to sin more each day. He doesn't it slowly saying, "It's bite of that is not going to kill ya." To you binge eating late at night because well because you are bored out of your mind. So how did this happen to me...well it happened slowly.

I was eleven years old when I was diagnosed with a life time disease. A disease that I only thought the elderly get which comes to find out the evil joke was on me. I wad diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on my eleventh birthday. I was told that it was unlucky that I would be walking before I graduate high school let alone college. That my arthritis was as worse as an eighty year old women. Then...they started the medicine. My first medicine was methotrexate and it was once a month pill. For an eleven year old I thought this wa…

First Day of School

Yep, it has started. My oldest started kindergarten yesterday. It's a bitter-sweet moment for me, and amazing for her. I always wanted to homeschool it was my plan from the get go. It's one reason why I wanted to get a teaching degree. Even more so once I saw the inside workings of the school and what teachers, staff, and students go through to please the government. But plans changed for us when Miles started to have his behaviors and speech difficulties. He had to be put in the public preschool for his therapies. So, here Ginny was last year seeing her brother bring home all the fun stuff at school not seeing any of the work. Her homeschool preschool became extremely harder because here I was requiring her to work on reading, sight words, and math. So...she begged to go to school because it's all fun and games. No working at school just fun. So, it was a hard discussion to have with my husband. We felt it was best for her at this time to go to kindergarten to see what s…